Water service options
to match any need

Ensure great tasting water and ice are available at all times with environmentally friendly water filtration options.

Keep employees hydrated and happy with clean tasting water that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Our flexible systems attach to existing water lines and pass water through filters that remove impurities. Nothing gets through but safe, delicious H2O.

See how instant water and ice could work for your location.

Bottle free solutions

No more bottles thanks to our integrated filters that connect to your water line and remove impurities.

Countertop models

The sleek, compact design of this model sits right on a countertop to allow easy filling of cups and water bottles.

Floor standing models

Save counter space by opting for a full-size, floor standing unit that looks like a typical water cooler.

Everything in one

Water filtration service is another solution we offer as part of our complete, one-stop service offerings.

Hot & cold

Get instant hot water for teas and instant cold water, all from the same unit.

Great tasting water

By removing the particles that affect taste and odor, the water has a better flavor and is more appealing.

Inquire about a water filtration solution from Tomdra at (800) 852-5726 or info@canteenvending.com.

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