At Tomdra we are dedicated to the ongoing health and safety of your employee’s. We are committed to quality service and will continue to adapt to the latest regulations throughout the
Tucson and Phoenix area.

We have implemented various protocols, including increased sanitation. We will carefully sanitize all vending and coffee machines, touch-pads and kiosks.

Each of our employees at Tomdra is following strict guidelines to keep your employees safe, by practicing social distancing, wearing face masks and gloves, and frequently wash their hands.

While servicing your break room, we will maintain social distancing and be sure to sanitize all coffee machines, vending screens, kiosks and touch-pads.

All warehouse surfaces and products, including our delivery trucks, are extensively cleaned daily.

Your employee break rooms will continue to
thrive during COVID-19

Cashless & Easy Mobile Payment

Employee’s have the option of paying with Google Wallet or Apple Pay in the break room and in turn, reduce unnecessary contact.

Pre-Packed Convenience

Our ready-to-serve meals are great for keeping contact low in the workplace! Never sacrifice taste with these nutritious and delicious meals!

On-Site Service

Beverages and snacks offered on-site in vending machines and custom micro-markets reduce off-site trips for a greater peace of mind!

Remote Technology

At Tomdra, we have the ability to manage your break room inventory off-site, which allows us to minimize the number of trips to your facilities!

We are dedicated to quality service here at Tomdra and will continue to be here when you need us most!

Keep your employees safe and healthy with Tomdra at 520-887-0155;

Fill out my online form.