Incentivize using the break room

Encourage employees to spend break time at work, collaborating and refreshing, with a proven loyalty and rewards program.

Employees love earning points for free snacks and drinks. Tucson and Phoenix employers can take this to the next level by purchasing USConnect promotion codes to give for gifts at holiday parties, employee appreciation days, as attendance rewards, safety goal incentives, etc. Promotion codes are a powerful employee motivation tool.

Use your activated account card with every vending or micro-market purchase. Keep track of points earned and available offers via the website or email. Visit ‘My Rewards’ to view your transaction history and cash back rewards, and to redeem loyalty points and instant promotions.

Get Your Card

To start, everyone needs a USConnect® account card, which are available from Tomdra.

Download the app

Next, download the USConnectMe app or go to the USConnectMe website.

Register your account

Scroll down to find the section labeled ‘Register’

Enter your information

Fill in the necessary information and click ‘Confirm’ at the end.

Activate payments

Add funds from a credit or debit card to your account.

Choose your charity

Select the non-profit that should get your donations.

Impress employees with a break room loyalty and rewards program from Tomdra at 520-887-0155;

Fill out my online form.