Modern design

Enjoy hundreds of products presented on updated fixtures that provide a contemporary and inspiring atmosphere.

Intuitive self-checkout

Make a purchase anytime at the easy-to-use kiosk that protects payment information with locks and security protocols.

Unrivaled selection

Savor fresh food, healthy snacks, sparkling drinks, and more with our ever-growing micro-market product options.

Tucson and Phoenix micro-markets

Boost employee morale
Employees are impressed by the open design and sophisticated look of the micro-market, making it a valuable asset to Tucson and Phoenix businesses. It’s open 24/7 providing access to a small store onsite any time it’s needed.

Self-serve micro-market kiosks in Tucson and Phoenix

Promote healthy eating
More room and better flow make micro-markets the ideal space for providing more healthy products. It’s easy and convenient to grab something organic, low fat, low carb, fresh, or any of a dozen more nutritious alternatives.

Premier break room experience
Imagine your Tucson or Phoenix area employees happier and more productive with minimal investment. That is what a micro-market offers, a way for employees to access a wide variety of delicious products, including healthy items and specialty office coffee drinks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contemporary look and smart technology kiosk ensure employees enjoy visiting the break room.

Bringing freshness and convenience to your Tucson + Phoenix break rooms with Tomdra. Add a variety of delicious, ready-to-serve meals to your custom micro-markets today!

Micro-markets offer next level convenience

Employees can shop anytime right in the break room and pay using the latest electronic options, including mobile wallets.

Multiple payments

Micro-markets allow more ways to pay than ever, including cash, credit card, micro-market account, and mobile wallet.

Wireless monitoring

Fully connected, the micro-market kiosk tracks sales and automatically sends reports on what items need to be restocked.

24/7 access

No cashiers mean no hours of operation, offering a refreshment option open to employees 24 hours a day.

Fully secured

Surveillance cameras record every action in the market ensuring it’s a safe place to shop and enjoy refreshments.

Maximize your Tucson or Phoenix break room with a micro-market from Tomdra at 520-887-0155;

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