What is a Subsidized

Subsidizing your micro-market means offering a discount to your employees when purchasing items. The difference is paid by you, the company, as an added perk to your employee benefits package. You may choose specific items or the whole micro-market selection to offer at a reduced price. This is a great way to reward employees and incentivize your micro-market in Tucson and Phoenix.

Demonstrate your company’s dedication
to employee

Show your employees how valued they are at your company while they save time and
money with a subsidized micro-market in Tucson and Phoenix.

Encourage healthier dietary choices

You can choose to subsidize healthy options in your break room to help achieve corporate wellness goals.

Attract and retain quality employees

Subsidized micro-markets are a great way to boost employee retention rates as well as recruit top-tier talent.

Simplify with cashless payments

Our 24/7 self-checkout kiosk supports convenient payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card.

Elevate workplace culture

Subsidized micro-markets create employee happiness while also providing a conducive environment for relaxation.

Level up with a hybrid micro-market
in Tucson and Phoenix

Choose to offer certain items at a 100% discount with a hybrid micro-market. Reach
out today to discuss how we can help you reward your employees in your break room.

endless benefits
when you subsidize
your micro-market

Elevate your Tucson or Phoenix break room with a subsidized micro-market from Tomdra at 520-887-0155; info@tomdra.com.

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