Create a collaborative space

Offering free food, snacks, and drinks in the break room is a great way to bring employees together for micro meetings, idea sharing, and more.

Build your program

Let our expert staff help you choose the right budget per employee per day and customize which products will be offered.

Monthly invoicing

We find the products, restock the pantry, and keep tabs on what has sold so we can send you a detailed invoice monthly.

A break room that breaks expectations

  • Inviting experience

    Transform the break room into something exciting that will attract talented employees and lower turnover.

  • Employee perk

    Pantry service improves happiness and morale, making it a great way to bolster your Tucson or Phoenix business.

  • Encourages healthy

    Bring in great tasting products that nourish the body and soul with wholesome ingredients to encourage eating better.

  • Grab and go

    Employees will rave about the convenience of having free food, snack, and drink options right in their break room.

  • Knowledgeable partner

    Get someone with years of refreshment experience in your corner to make your Tucson or Phoenix pantry service a success.

Surpass the Tucson and Phoenix competition with expert pantry service from your partner Tomdra at 520-887-0155;

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