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Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service in Arizona Including Tucson Phoenix
Tucson Vending Machine Service in Arizona
Office Coffee Services in Phoenix, Arizona
Custom selections of healthy and fun snacks, beverage and fresh food.
Office Coffee, Tea & Water
Favorite brands to make the break room everyone's favorite coffee shop.
Small store offering a large variety of healthy and fresh snacking options.
Customer Service
Industry leader with competitive prices, variety of selections and communication skills.
Cashless Vending
Convenient payment including debit, credit and mobile such as Apple Pay or Soft Card.
Corporate Wellness
Healthy Snacks and beverages paired with educational programs.

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THE Vending Choice Throughout Arizona Including Tucson and Phoenix.

Tomdra has served Arizona with integrity and care since 1966. Our quick response time guarantee, 100% satisfaction on product quality guarantee, commitment to pursuing the latest vending technology and competitive pricing make us an industry leader in customer service and satisfaction.

At Tomdra we are experts in all things break room so that you don't have to be. In addition to full line vending we also offer micro-markets, office coffee and tea and water filtration services.

Call Tomdra today at 520-887-0155 or email us: for a free no-obligation consultation of your break room needs.

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