vending service and micro-markets in University of ArizonaVending Machines for University of Arizona

Bring the best vending machines to the University of Arizona by engaging with Tomdra. We have all the types of vending machines you can imagine, from coffee and snack vending machines to beverage and food vending machines. We also offer both Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines. We focus on providing vending machines with the latest in convenience features. This includes machines that offer cashless vending, so people can pay in multiple ways, rather than having to rely on cash or coin. Also, guaranteed product delivery helps prevent that ever frustrating issue of paying for something and it not being vended. Using infrared beams, it can tell if a purchased product is vended or not and provides an immediate refund when appropriate.

vending machines and office coffee service in University of ArizonaOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Any University of Arizona Facility

Tomdra can provide any University of Arizona facility with an office coffee service. Our brewers include the latest technologies, allowing users to adjust brewing parameters to best fit their unique tastes. These include single-cup brewers on up to larger volume pour over machines. We provide a wide variety of coffees, teas and other hot beverages. Choose the flavors, types and brands your people prefer. In addition to delivering these to you when needed, we can also add other essentials to the trip, including stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, creamers and more. Let us take this off your hands so you can focus on more important tasks.

To achieve the best quality water for your office coffee service or as a drink on its own, get our water filtration service. These water filters are available in different sizes to fit any space and they hook up directly to your water supply. Removing the impurities that can diminish water quality, these units serve filtered water – hot or cold – with the press of a button. Ask about one of our ice machines to go with your filtration service.

Installing Micro-Markets at the University of Arizona

Put a convenience store in any University of Arizona facility with a Micro-Market from Tomdra. We work with you to determine a space to locate the “store,” and then we construct it with attractive racks, coolers and displays. Our Micro-Markets include a self-checkout kiosk, which allows the customers to handle the transactions. The kiosks are also internet connected so we can track inventory in real time. That way we can efficiently keep the store full and ready by always knowing what you need before our resupply visits. There are many items to choose from to fill the store. This not only includes the standard snacks and beverages found in vending machines, but also real, healthy food items like gourmet salads, fresh fruit and dairy items. Micro-Markets stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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