vending machines and office coffee service in Sierra VistaVending Machines to Serve Any Sierra Vista Office

A vending machine program is a great way to improve the morale and productivity of your Sierra Vista employees. And Tomdra offers the best service to make it happen. We have the variety of vending machines you need, from traditional snack and drink vending machines to coffee and food vending machines. We even offer both Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines. All of our vending machines feature the latest technologies. Unique abilities like cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory monitoring maximize convenience and satisfaction. Beyond the vending equipment and products within them, ask about our unique vending agreements. We’re willing to put together programs that offer your employees even more benefits, like subsidized vending and free vending.

vending service and micro-markets in Sierra VistaInstalling Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems Throughout Sierra Vista

Tomdra supports Sierra Vista offices with an office coffee program that offers a wide range of coffee brewing machines and a huge variety of coffees and teas. We work with you to find the brewers and products to best fit your unique employees, and then we do everything to keep it running afterward, including keeping your Sierra Vista break room stocked. Available brewing machines range from single-cup brewers to larger pot brewers. These feature the latest in brewing technologies to give your Sierra Vista employees something that matches their unique tastes.

We also have water filtration services available. Our water filters hook up to your water supply, filtering out the impurities that can lead to poor taste or smell. There is no bottle or jug with our systems. Simply turn a spigot and better tasting water is served. Combine a filtration device with one of our ice makers to further give your employees everything they need to stay refreshed throughout the day.

Micro-Markets Are Available in Sierra Vista

A Micro-Market really isn’t vending…it’s more like installing a convenience store right in your Sierra Vista office. Tomdra works with you to incorporate attractive displays, coolers and racks into the available space of your business. We can make a Micro-Market to fit any available space. Then we stock it all with a large variety of products. Once set up, the store basically runs itself. Customers walk in, grab what they want, and scan/pay for them at the integrated self-checkout kiosks. These kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to see what’s left in your Market. That way we’re always on top of your needs at your Sierra Vista location and deliver only what’s necessary. Because the store needs no employees, it can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes it a great morale builder for those having to come in early or stay late. People have a store right on site to serve their every food, drink or snack whim.

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