office coffee and micro markets in SahuaritaThe Vending Machines to Best Serve Sahuarita

No matter what your vending machine needs are in Sahuarita, Tomdra has what you are looking for. Our range of vending machines includes standard snack and beverage machines, as well as coffee vending, food vending and healthy vending machines. These aren’t old school vending machines, but rather the most state-of-the-art machines with the latest in convenience features. One of these features is remote inventory monitoring. Simply connected the vending machine to your wi-fi, we can track – in real time – what’s still in stock. This lets us better time restocking trips with exactly the products you need. Furthermore, we can see which products no one seems to want and then proactively switch them out to keep your employees satisfied.

vending machines and water filtration service in SahuaritaQuality Office Coffee and Water Filtration Available in Sahaurita

Companies in Sahaurita simply need to call Tomdra for all their office coffee needs. We offer a wide variety of coffee brewing technologies, from standard brewers to state-of-the-art single cup coffee systems. No matter what vending machines you choose, our selection of coffees, teas and other hot beverages are second to none. Our people will not only keep your coffee system running properly, but we also provide break room management services. No matter what peripheral items you need, such as stir sticks, sweeteners, napkins and plates, we will keep an eye on your supply and replenish as needed.
If water quality is an issue keeping you from great coffee, take care of it today with one of our water filtration units. These simply hook up to your water supply to vend better tasting water – hot or cold. Water filters are available in counter-top and floor standing units, so there’s an option that will pretty much work for any option. Would you like better tasting water too? Just ask us about our office-duty ice makers. They are the perfect pairing to any water filtration service.

Self-Service Kiosk Micro-Markets Making Their Way to Sahaurita Offices

Tomdra offers a unique service in vending called Micro-Markets. Instead of a lineup of vending machines delivered to your Sahaurita office, a Micro-Market involves an arrangement of coolers, racks and displays packed with hundreds of product options. Beyond the standard vending machine fare, Micro-Markets offer much more – like gourmet salads, artisan sandwiches, fresh fruit and dairy items. People can walk into the store, browse the items they want, Scan them at the checkout and swipe a card. It’s that simple. Because the store is always open, people can enjoy it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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