office coffee and micro markets in Fort HuachucaThe Vending Machines Your Fort Huachuca Employees Deserve

If you’re looking to add a vending machine lineup to your Fort Huachuca location, the first and last call you need to make is to Tomdra. We have the wide variety of drinks, snacks and foods to please the most discerning customer, and we have the best variety of vending machines and technologies to provide them. Whether you’re looking for the traditional snack vending machines or beverage vending machines, or something more advanced like a coffee vending machine or food vending machine, we’ll work with you to find the right lineup to serve you best. These are vending machines offering the latest in technological capabilities, like cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory monitoring.

vending machines and water filtration service in Fort HuachucaFort Huachuca’s Leaders in Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Fort Huachuca offices need high quality coffee to function best. So, get what you need with a simple call to Tomdra. Our wide variety of office coffee brewing machines, from traditional coffee pot brewers to single-cup brewers, and many coffee and tea options, are enough to satisfy any drinker. Once installed, we support your service with regular maintenance and restocking of your coffee supply, and other break room needs. If you need stir sticks, cups, napkins, creamers and sweeteners – stop shopping for these yourself. Just let us bring them to you during our regular drink resupply runs. We’ll gladly manage your Fort Huachuca break room supplies so you can focus on other tasks.

Looking to improve your Fort Huachuca office water? Instead of looking for a water delivery service, check with Tomdra for our water filtration service. Our water filters plumb right into your water supply and filter out the impurities causing the problem in the first place. All Fort Huachuca employees need to do is turn a spigot and better tasting water is flowing – hot or cold. Add one of our ice machines to this service for better tasting ice, as well.

Get Your Self-Serve Micro-Markets in Fort Huachuca

Want to give your Fort Huachuca office a vending program with the selection and convenience of a fully stocked convenience store? Just ask Tomdra about our Micro-Markets. We work with you to incorporate attractive displays, coolers and racks into the available space of your business – essentially building a small corner store in your available space. Then we stock it with a huge variety of products, with a selection completely up to your preferences and discretion. This includes items not normally available in vending machines, like salads, sandwiches, dairy products and fresh fruit. Once ready, the store basically runs itself. People can walk in, select what they want, and scan and pay for it at the integrated self-service kiosks. Combined with a security camera system, the store can remain open all hours and days. It’s a great way to support all of your employees…even those working unorthodox hours.

Tomdra offers this and much more. Call 520-887-0155or e-mail to see what we can do for your unique operation.

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