office coffee and micro markets in BensonBenson Gets the Latest in Vending Machines from Tomdra

The most high-tech vending machines for Benson offices are available from Tomdra. Whether you’re looking for beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines or food vending machines, you can rest assured we’re providing you with the best performing machines featuring some of the latest in conveniences. Ask about vending machines with cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and energy saving technologies for your Benson office. Our selection of products is also impressive. We let you choose exactly what to put into your vending equipment. If we don’t have everything you’re looking for – tell us. We regularly comply with special requests. If we can get it, then you can have it in your vending machines.

vending machines and water filtration service in BensonWe Put High Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Benson

Coffee is a staple of any active Benson business. Let Tomdra be your “stapler,” with our professional office coffee service. We offer the brewing machines to handle the volume of coffee your Benson office needs and the types and flavors of coffee that your people want. We offer single-cup brewing machines on up to the latest in pot brewers. These are high-tech coffee machines that not only simply brew coffee better, but they office unique features allowing you to adjust the flavor profile of your brew. In addition to providing everything you need to make the coffee, we also are willing to supply your other peripheral items, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers. Anything you need to make coffee best, we have it and are willing to keep you stocked.

How are you ensuring your Benson office has quality water? If you don’t have a solution – or are currently using a water delivery service – it’s time to learn about our water filtration services. These water filter units are available in countertop and floor standing units, meaning there’s a filter to fit any operation. These connect directly to your water supply, filtering out any impurities that can lead to bad taste. This is a great service to add to your Benson office coffee setup or to ensure a better drink on its own. And if you need ice, we also offer ice maker machines.

Find a Micro-Market for Your Benson Office Here

Would you like to have a small convenience store right in your Benson office, making snacks, beverages and entrée items available at a moment’s notice? It’s possible with a Micro-Market from Tomdra. We work with you to install a setup of racks, coolers and displays within your available space. No matter how small your Benson office, we can give you a Micro-Market. The types of items available in a Micro-Market far surpass what a vending machine can offer. This includes gourmet salads, fresh fruit and dairy products – just to name a few. The self-checkout kiosks located within each Micro-Market allows the customer themselves to handle the transactions. This means your store doesn’t need any employees, and it also allows this store to stay open all day, every day. This is a great morale builder as you’re making fuel available for all employees, regardless of the hours they keep.

Tomdra knows what you want in a vending service. Learn what we can do for you at 520-887-0155or e-mail

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