Subsidized vending services

With our subsidized vending services, you’ll be providing your staff with discounts on a range of vending items, including fresh food, snacks, and beverages. This initiative sets you apart as an employer, cultivating a dynamic workplace atmosphere and demonstrating gratitude towards your team members.

Transform your Tucson or Phoenix break room into a hub of satisfaction and vitality with subsidized vending services.

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Why choose subsidized vending?

Your company can offer subsidized vending as a perk to keep current employees and attract new ones.

Employees can save on refreshments that are conveniently available onsite, eliminating the need for trips to local stores.

Offering discounted refreshments can cultivate a positive workplace environment, boost productivity, and elevate employee morale.

Level up with free vending!

Take subsidized vending to a new standard with complimentary items. The employer covers all expenses, providing free snacks, beverages, or fresh and healthy food to employees.

It’s the perfect way to level up your Tucson or Phoenix break room, and trust us – your employees will love it.

Why Tomdra?

We offer multiple payment options including mobile wallet and credit cards.

Tomdra vending customers benefit from the USConnect program, which offers promotions and rewards with every purchase, including deals like buy 4, get 1 free.

We provide healthy options that can easily be implemented into your vending program.

We offer subsidized micro markets as an upgraded service.

Subsidized snack vending machines in Tucson and Phoenix

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We believe employee success starts in the break room

Upgrade to subsidized vending in your Tuscon or Phoenix break room to elevate your employee’s workplace experience and attract new talent to your team.

Elevate your break room with subsidized vending services from Tomdra at 520-887-0155;

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