The Micro-Market Experience

Micro-Market Self Serve Kiosk in Arizona Including Tucson and Phoenix

Our revolutionary, open markets are aesthetically designed for your setting and will immediately give your workplace an exciting new vibe. Open shelving, beverage coolers and a self-checkout kiosk enable your employees to grab what they want when they want it. This system was designed to improve on current vending solutions and has resulted in virtually no service calls, no loss of money, no need for refund hassles and all while shaping healthier, happier employees.

  • Micro-Market Self Serve Kiosk in Arizona Including Tucson Phoenix


Our mission is to provide innovative open markets that offer a variety of snack and food choices, prepared daily with fresh and healthy ingredients. Our expansive line includes a variety of better-for-you options, traditional "must haves," emerging brands and products for special diet preferences including: gluten-free, organic and non-GMO. To help employees make the right snacking choice we also offer a variety of loyalty programs that support better-for-you choices in our markets.


Attract and retain core employees with grab-n-go markets that improve job satisfaction while increasing workplace productivity and supporting corporate wellness initiatives. In certain cases, our grab-n-go micro-markets have eliminated the need for cafeterias, reducing operating expenses and subsidies.

Micro-Markets in Arizona Including Tucson and PhoenixTechnology

Tomdra micro-markets use the latest in wireless technology to ensure freshness, regulate subsidies and customize selections based on popularity at your unique location. Our self-checkout kiosks use advanced technology to create a user friendly experience. Employees simply pick out the items they would like to purchase, scan the UPC code and pay with either a market stored value card, debit/credit card or a registered fingerprint.

Have questions about how a Tomdra micro market would work at your place of business? Call us today at 520-887-0155 or email us at One of our team members will be happy to help.