Casa Grande Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Vending Machines Casa Grande

Do you need a vending machine at your Casa Grande location?

Your employees will most likely tell you yes if you ask them this question. A Pepsi Vending Machine, Coca Cola Vending Machine, candy vending machine, food vending machine, or coffee vending machine is a convenience that will keep them happy and working hard at times when they would otherwise be out at the coffee shop or corner store. By providing food and drink inside the office you eliminate those trips and keep your workers going longer, a definite advantage in the competitive world of today. A vending machine is just one more way of making the office a home away from home for those who work there. 

Setting the Price on What Comes out of the Machine

At Tomdra Vending we have set up three types of payment plans to help you set the price on the items that come out of the vending machine. If you choose the basic or traditional plan, the price is set to its normal level and you as the business owner pay nothing. With subsidized vending you pay a portion and the price to the user is discounted, a popular option because it sets the cost lower than the local variety store but the impact is less on the business owner. Free vending is where the entire cost is covered by the business owner. Call Tomdra today for a complete breakdown.


Office Coffee Service Casa Grande