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Isn’t it About Time you had Vending Machines at your Benson Location?

Your employees are leaving the building! It may be break time, lunch time, or just time to get something to eat and your employees are scrambling to get out of the building. Is that productive? Of course everyone needs breaks but why not make it so they can have those breaks inside the office or at least on the property? Installing vending machines with food and beverages can help to keep them onsite and get them back to work on time when the break is over. You don’t have to lose those extra minutes every day that add up to extra hours lost over the course of the week. No matter how vigilant your employees are about time it still affects production when they have to leave and come back during the day. Vending machines solve that problem.

A Vast Selection of Food and Beverages

The traditional view of vending machines is the classic candy vending machines, Pepsi vending machines and Coca Cola vending machines that helped to build the vending industry into what it is today. What many business owners do not know is that you can order food vending machines which can provide employees with hot lunches and healthy snacks. At Tomdra Vending we pride ourselves on our variety. The product selection we have available can satisfy any requirements of any company in our service area. Give us a call and find out what we can offer you for vending options.


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